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  • 11 drivers, hybrid construction, six-way crossover: 
  • One 7mm Titanium-Diaphragm DD for infra-sub frequencies 
  • Two BA for subwoofer frequencies 
  • Two BA for low frequencies 
  • Two BA (vented) for midrange 
  • Two BA for high frequencies 
  • Dual New Generation BA for ultra-high frequencies 


  • HornCraft™ Stainless Steel Nozzle Design 
  • BADD™ Hybrid Low-End Technology 
  • HERO™ Super Tweeter 
  • Custom Tribrid Cable Featuring Pure Copper, Silver-Plated Copper and Pure Silver

2023 Upgrades:

  • 25% Smaller IEM shell than ANIMA V1
  • BOSS Faceplate Design Upgrade (Bello Opal™ with new Stainless Steel Ring Frame)

The BOSS Faceplate 2023 

Bello Opal Stainless Steel - The first extraordinary thing that one would notice is Bello Opal faceplates. This material truly is the king among lab-grown opals. The extremely complex and precise manufacturing process gives it an awesome play of colour, impossible to find in any other material. Lab-grown opals are physically almost identical to natural opals, which is why they’ve gained such a reputation and can be found in jewellery masterpieces around the world. Every piece is unique, with hand-finished acrylic shells and crystals of different shapes and sizes. 

As the latest addition to the shell of Anima, we added an outer ring crafted from stainless steel, enhancing its stability and structural integrity. The stainless steel's gleam harmonizes elegantly with the Bello Opal's oceanic blue, akin to a precious gem embraced by a ring of brilliance.

Handcrafted genuine leather storage case 


In Jungian psychology, the Anima refers to the vibrancy and spirituality in a man's soul, akin to an internal sense of style. It reveals the wondrous and lighthearted spirit that exists in the music that we listen to - like a hearty chuckle.


Expect a spacious, holographic wide sound image that dances lightly and lively around the tracks. The Anima extracts the best of 10 drivers including a new generation RAU Balanced Armature driver and an organic horn shaped nozzle design. Jump right into its textured lows, buttery mids and intricate highs with the Anima!

HornCraft™ Stainless Steel Nozzle Design

Horn In Ear - Discover the essence of audio precision with Lime Ears' groundbreaking HornCraft™ Nozzle Design. Meticulously crafted in-house to perfection, these special horn-shaped nozzles serve as essential conduits, connecting the drivers to your eardrums. With unwavering attention to intricate geometry calculations and material mastery, our goal is to redefine your sonic experience. 

1) Geometry That Elevates: 

Say hello to the HornCraft™ Stainless Steel Nozzle Design, the pinnacle of geometry refinement. Shaped through VariBore™ technology, its specifically calculated afaik horn curvaturee matches acoustic impedance and suppresses resonances that plague traditional tube designs. 

2) Resonance Suppression: 

The specific curvature of the horn guides sound waves smoothly, curbing resonant peaks caused by bouncing within straight tubes. This leads to a cleaner frequency response, enhancing sonic clarity. 

3) Acoustic Impedance Matching: 

Acoustic Impedance matching is crucial for achieving consistent and accurate audio reproduction. Through our meticulously crafted horn bore dimensions, it aids in precise

acoustic impedance matching between drivers and eardrums, resulting in a smoother frequency response and better audio coherence. 

4) Material Craftsmanship: 

Material's role is paramount. The harmonious blend of weight, clarity, and transfer is achieved through meticulous craftsmanship. The new highly polished Stainless Steel material, imbued with texture from hand-processing, matches better with internal drivers while interacting with the geometry to enhance high and ultra-high frequencies, directing them straight to your ear. 

5) Multi Size Bores - Sonic Symphony: 

Look a little closer and you’ll notice precisely selected areas where signals from different groups of drivers are added to the sound mixture. The HornCraft™ design orchestrates an intricate audio symphony, channeling ultra-high frequencies from the longest bore while the lower frequencies get channeled through the narrowest bore. Our Horn nozzles are CNC machined with highest industry precision to achieve ultimate precision transfer of sound energy. 

BADD™ Hybrid Low-End Technology

Balanced Armature Dynamic Driver - After long conversations with audiophiles worldwide and dozens of trials utilizing balanced armature and dynamic drivers for low end, we came up with an idea to combine the detail and clarity of Balanced Armature subwoofers with the punch, weight and low-end rumble produced by our 7mm Titanium-Diaphragm Dynamic Driver. With our carefully designed proprietary crossover system, we achieved phase coherence that bridges these two drastically different driver technologies.

What others are saying about the ANIMA

For me, Anima is a fun and engaging IEM with good technical performance; one that I had quite a good time listening and testing. It’s an IEM that had a high engagement factor for me, making me want to keep listening to it and try it with my old music collection as well as discover new music with, with it being a musical and fatigue free listen for long sessions.


“A balanced yet joyful tuning with a deep resonating bass performance and almost ethereal highs with plenty of headroom”.
Impressions from Marcus,


“The ANIMA doesn’t come cheap, but you get an excellent high-end monitor in return that impresses over the full board. It’s a vibrant, detailed, extended, spacious and energetical IEM, with a very high technical level and a lovely musical presentation.”
Impressions from Lieven,


“The Anima were impressively resolving without coming across as 'technically focused', and had a combination of very enjoyable, ever so slightly dark tuning combined with tight and controlled low end that provided what can simply be described as an excellently well-rounded, capable presentation.”
Impressions from GoldenOne, Headfi

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