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Λ (lambda)

  • Starts from €480


  • Two balanced-armature driver construction (single low-mid, single high)
  • Two-way passive crossover
  • Single-bore design
  • Starts from 480 EUR


The Λ (lambda) with it’s full band and highly detailed sound, while being technical still maintaining its musicality. Created both for musicians needing pleasant tool to control their sound and articulation and audiophiles looking for great detail and modern, high-fidelity sound.


Neutral in tonality with slight focus on upper-midrange. Clear vocals, gritty distorted guitars, punchy snares. Thanks to use of vented woofer bass was made massive but not dominant. Sound of Λ (lambda) can remind of modern high-fidelity two-way stereo systems, especially the ones equipped with ribbon tweeters.


Slightly widened soundstage with moderate depth. Highly separated sources creating holographic image.