Λ (lambda) – Universal-Fit


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  • Two balanced armature driver construction (single low-mid, single high)
  • Two-way passive crossover
  • Single-bore design
  • Starts from 480 EUR


The Λ (lambda) with its full band and highly detailed sound, while being technical, still maintains its musicality. Created for musicians requiring a pleasant tool to control their sound and articulation, as well as for audiophiles who appreciate great detail and modern, high-fidelity sound.


Neutral in tonality with a slight focus on the upper-midrange. Clear vocals, gritty distorted guitars, punchy snares. Thanks to the use of vented woofer bass is massive but not dominant. The sound of Λ (lambda) reminds of modern high-fidelity two-way stereo systems, especially those equipped with ribbon tweeters.


Slightly widened soundstage with moderate depth. Highly separated sources creating holographic image.
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