For audiophiles and musicians

FOR stage, studio, train or simply home-sweet-home use

Pneuma V2

  • Universal-fit version 2023 update!

New, ergonomic design, legendary sound.

  • Five drivers, hybrid construction
  • Four-way crossover
  • One 7mm Titanium-Diaphragm Dynamic Driver for infra-sub frequencies
  • Two BA for low frequencies
  • One BA for midrange, one BA for high frequencies
  • SubWITCH™ Switchable Subwoofer Technology 
  • BAM™ Energy Optimizer 
  • VariBore™ Acoustic Design 
  • HornCraft™ Stainless Steel Nozzle Design 

*Available in universal and custom-fit version

Aether R


Universal-fit version 2022 update!

New, ergonomic design, legendary sound.

  • Six balanced armature driver construction
  • Four-way passive hybrid crossover
  • Switchable subwoofer driver
  • Utilizing VariBore™ and TrueSub™
  • Starts from €1300

*Available in universal and custom-fit version

Model X


Universal-fit version 2022 update!

  • Introducing PAR (Passive Acoustic Resonator) technology
  • Four balanced armature drivers
  • Switchable low-end characteristics
  • Utilizing VariBore™ technology
  • Starts from €890

*Available in universal and custom-fit version

Ψ psi


Universal-fit version 2022 update!

  • Three balanced armature driver construction
  • Three-way passive crossover
    (Single low, single mid, single high)
  • Two-bore acoustical design
  • Starts from €625

*Available in universal and custom-fit version


HornCraft™ Stainless Steel Nozzle Design

BADD™ Hybrid Low-End Technology

HERO™ Super Tweeter

Eleven drivers, hybrid construction, six-way crossover

Hand-finished acrylic shells with Bello Opal™ faceplates (with new Stainless Steel Ring Frame)

Custom Tribrid Cable Featuring Pure Copper, Silver-Plated Copper and Pure Silver

Handcrafted genuine leather storage case

*Available in universal and custom-fit version

Our company


At Lime Ears we specialize in manufacturing Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs). These handcrafted wonders of modern technology offer superior comfort, sound isolation, highest quality of audio reproduction as well as some quite unique looks.

Whoever you are: touring musician, amateur musician, studio engineer, music aficionado or simply looking for something truly unique that will perfectly fit your ears and taste.

Feel free to look around and if you have any questions, message us directly!


Our history

After nearly two years of intensive research involving countless acoustic measurements, testing various materials and different manufacturing techniques Lime Ears was officially launched in 2012 offering two- and three-driver monitors. Starting as a two-person enterprise we began to craft our way through both music and audiophile worlds. Since then we have handcrafted CIEMS for hundreds of musicians and audiophiles around the globe, growing as people and as a team and constantly introducing new technical and aesthetic solutions. In 2016 the Aether R was born. Our Six-driver flagship equipped with unique subwoofer tuning technology (TrueSub™), design allowing unsurpassed quality of high frequencies (VariBore™). Aether R earned excellent reviews becoming CIEM of the year 2016 on www.headfonia.com. In 2017 Model X was introduced. Four-driver construction utilizing known VariBore™ and new, unique way of tuning high frequencies involving tiny PAR (Passive Acoustic Resonator). Persistently working on the quality of our products and testing new solutions, we are pretty sure that…

The best is yet to come!

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