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Our latest flagship. Imagine experience of full-size professional speaker system with regulated subwoofer. Your listening room that you can take everywhere you go.

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Five balanced-armature driver construction
Four-way passive hybrid crossover
Switchable subwoofer driver
Utilizing VariBore and TrueSub technology
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Λ (lambda)

  • Two balanced-armature driver construction (single low-mid, single high)
  • Two-way passive crossover
  • Single-bore design
  • Starts from €480

Ψ (psi)

  • Three balanced-armature driver construction
  • Three-way passive crossover
    (Single low, single mid, single high)
  • Two-bore acoustical design

  • Introducing PAR (Passive Acoustic Resonator) technology
  • Four balanced-armature drivers
  • Switchable low-end characteristics
  • Utilizing VariBore technology

  • Five balanced-armature driver construction
  • Four-way passive hybrid crossover
  • Switchable subwoofer driver
  • Utilizing VariBore and TrueSub technology
  • Λ (lambda)
  • Ψ(psi)

Our Company


At Lime Ears we specialize in manufacturing Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs). These handcrafted wonders of modern technology offer superior comfort, sound isolation, highest quality of audio reproduction as well as some quite unique looks.

Whoever you are: touring musician, amateur musician, studio engineer, music aficionado or simply looking for something truly unique that will perfectly fit your ears and tastes.

Feel free to look around and, if you have any questions, message us directly!

Our History

After nearly two years of intensive research involving countless acoustic measurements, testing different materials and manufacturing techniques Lime Ears was officially launched in 2012 offering two- and three-driver monitors. Started as two-people enterprise we started to craft our way through both music and audiophile worlds. Since then we have handcrafted CIEMS for hundreds of musicians and audiophiles around the globe, constantly growing as people, team and introducing new technical and aesthetic solutions. In 2016 the Aether was born. Our five-driver flagship equipped in unique subwoofer tuning technology (TrueSub™), design allowing unsurpassed quality of high frequencies (VariBore™). Aether gained great reviews becoming CIEM of the year 2016 on In 2017 Model X was introduced. Four-driver construction utilizing known VariBore™ and new, unique way of tuning high frequencies involving tiny PAR (Passive Acoustic Resonator). Constantly working on quality of our products, testing new solutions we think that…

The best is yet to come!


“Aether is the kind of monitor that makes all types of music sound good, it’s engaging, has great imaging and sounds musical.”
“For a 5 driver, it is sublime.”


“Very big soundstage, amazing imaging qualities, endless details with intact musicality”



„The Aether is one of the occasions I find it does punch above its price class, and easily contends with the TOTL level priced around $1600.”


„Perfecty balanced signature, well-done and beautiful treble, smooth and rich from top to bottom, most natural timbre ever heard of an iem. ”



“And yes, there is nothing quite like the Aether’s Treble.”

“Count the Aether among one of these- a rare spot on my ‘personal favourites’ list.”


Model X

X has become one of my easy-recommendations for everyone looking for a custom monitor in the sub 1000$ region or that does it all and that can adapt to your preferences.


” The core presentation of the Model X is primarily musical in nature with a slightly u-shaped frequency curve though the extent of the response bias depends on the switch position.”

“Whilst I have heard plenty of switch implementations before this is probably one of the best bass tunings on a switch I have heard thus far.”


” Model X nonetheless maintains some of the best balance between richness and resolution in the sub-$2000 market”

“Lime Ears have absolutely nailed smooth transparency down to a science, and nowhere is this clearer – literally – than on the Model X.”

“The Model X has a clear, well-balanced and forgiving signature that makes it suitable for a massive variety of genres. “



“Lime Ears is off to a very good start with their first flagships.”


“From an audiophile standpoint, the switch goes from a revealing reference sound to a powerful fatigue-free sound, and from a pro standpoint the change goes from a stage monitor to a reference monitor.”