Where can I find an audiologist?

Audiologists who are able to make proper ear impressions can be found all over the world in places specializing in selling hearing aids. Just find a reputable place and arrange an appointment. Be sure to take our impression instructions with you!  

How can I test your products?

Our products are available also as universal-fit demo units. You can find them at our dealers and in our headquarters. We can lend you the demo units for a fee fully refundable at the moment of return. To arrange that please contact us via e-mail.

Which product should I choose?

If you are not sure which model to choose, please contact us. We have vast experience and will be able to give you some good advice, whether you’re an audiophile, a working musician or anybody else. But since “writing about music is like dancing about architecture”, apart from sharing tips and knowledge, we will most …

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How can I order?

Select your product, choose the design and place your order. Find an audiologist, make ear impressions (remember to use our impression instructions) and send them down to our lab. Wait patiently until our courier rings your doorbell. Wow, that was easy! If you can find your country of residence in our dealers section, please contact …

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I am a famous musician, what can we do for each other?

High five! We’re musicians as well! At least kind of. Although not famous… Anyway, if you’d like to endorse our monitors please drop us an email. We’ll be happy to discuss the details! And our magic crystal ball tells us that you won’t regret it.

What is the average turnaround time?

The average turnaround time is about 5 weeks, but it may vary due to constantly changing circumstances (number of orders, availability of certain parts for your design, etc.).

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