Product warranty

We provide 1-year limited warranty on our products against material defects of external shell or the internal components. Damage, breakage or other misuse, wear and tear, abuse accidents, unauthorized repairs or modification, acts of God are not covered by warranty.

Warranty does not cover cord.

Warranty does not cover internal components provided by the customer for reshelling service.

Fit warranty

Most of fit issues are caused by improperly made ear impression. So this is very important that your impression by professional audiologist strictly due to our instructions.

But since not always things turn out like they’re expected Lime Ears provides limited warranty against poor fit of your monitors. We’re offering up to two refit procedures with no additional charge (customer covers the shipping to our lab). Orders must be sent back 30 days from the date you received your monitors.

Be sure to contact us before shipping!

Reshells (Ownership Transfer)

Since manufacturing of full reshell for another user (Ownership Transfer) takes fair amount of work and our experience shows that, in order to maintain quality of the original product, often several internal components need to be replaced with new ones, we have connected price of Ownership Transfer with price of the original monitors and it is 50% of original unit worth.

This is the only way we could offer Reshelling service while maintain original product quality, as we didn’t want to deprive new users of full manufacturers warranty.

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