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  • Six balanced-armature driver construction
  • Four-way passive hybrid crossover
  • Switchable subwoofer double driver
  • Utilizing VariBore and TrueSub technology


Goal of the design was to create experience of big, three-way far-field monitor system with regulated external subwoofer placed in spacious, well acoustically treated room.
We wanted the listener to experience everything that sound engineer created in the recording exactly as it was meant to sound. With a pinch of audiophile-sounding fun pleasing the listeners and avoiding too technical sound but still looking for real fidelity in their recordings.


In “neutral” switch position Aether maintains neutral tonality with very slight emphasis on subwoofer lows and crispy highs. With subwoofer driver switched up it receives powerful and accurate punch in the lowest region while maintaining great clarity and dynamics of both mids and even increased sparkle in highs.


Extreme sound source separation, natural width, incomparable depth.

The Switch

The switch controls the lowest bass region (below 100Hz). It can be used e.g. :

  • Depending on listening level to make use of the Fletcher-Munson law (for lower listening levels the bass can be boosted to make it better audible)
  • Depending on level and quality of bass in the recording (if the bass is great it can be made very powerful, on the other hand if material is not to well mixed and lows are becoming boomy and out of control they might be trimmed down)
  • Depending on external noise levels (If you’re listening in noisy environment like airplane, subway or similar where low-end noise masks the lows, you might want to switch them up).


“Aether is the kind of monitor that makes all types of music sound good, it’s engaging, has great imaging and sounds musical. For a 5 driver, it is sublime.”


““Very big soundstage, amazing imaging qualities, endless details with intact musicality.””


“The Aether is one of the occasions I find it does punch above its price class, and easily contends with the TOTL level priced around $1600.”