“Ultimately, the Lime Ears Pneuma are one of the best headphones I have ever heard, regardless of their design or price. “

High Fidelity

“Although being late to the hybrid market, they took their time and release one of the best hybrid IEMs you can find.” […]
“If they keep this up, I think they’ll become one of the most trusted IEM manufacturers in the market.”

Berkhan – Headfonia

“Lime Ears have developed an outstandingly revealing, delicate and articulate yet natural in-ear with the Pneuma.” […]
“Lime Ears newest model carries all of the desirable traits one would expect from the flagship of such an experienced company”

Ryan Soo – TheHeadphoneList

“Well done musical and highly enjoyable signature that is definitely worthy of Lime Ears’ flagship status as well as Lime Ears’ entry into the holy grail TOTL range of universal and CIEM monitors”

Animagus – Twister6

“I think Lime Ears have a bit of a hit on their hands with the beautifully styled universal flagship Pneuma.”

Marcus – Headfonics


“The Aether is is an almost perfect do-it-all monitor and it doesn’t break the bank. What’s not to like?”

Lieven – Headfonia

““Who should buy the Aether R? Music lovers in short.”.”

Marcus – Headfonics

“As rare as good sequels seem to be, the Aether R has recaptured the company’s boisterous charm, and given the industry a worthy flagship to be excited for.”

Ryan – TheHeadphoneList

“Lime Ears have certainly created a special IEM in the Aether R.”

Animagus – Twister6

“At €1,200 (or about $1,350 USD), the Aether R is no drop in the bucket, but it carries itself like a luxury product, with great, fun packaging. And it sounds great, too!”


“these are perfect starting points for the spectacular next big thing.”



“Listeners searching for an exceptionally well-balanced earphone with excellent treble detail and clear vocals will love the Model X from Lime Ears.”

Ryan Soo – TheHeadphoneList

“X has become one of my easy-recommendations for everyone looking for a custom monitor in the sub 1000$ region or that does it all and that can adapt to your preferences.”

Linus – Headfonia

“Model X – its big, bombastic, and spacious sounding.”

Marcus – Headfonics

“Proper tuning, proper technicalities, proper use of a switch. Not much to say, the all-rounders are always the hardest to praise.”

“I have to add Model X to Audiophile-Heaven’s Hall Of Fame, because it is a very interesting IEM, with two possible tunings that will surely bring a lot of fun if you decide to go for it”

George Dobrescu – Audiophile Heaven

“Model X is quite possibly the most versatile and accomplished IEM I know of in its price range”

PSI (le3)

“Lime Ears have always created enjoyable sound signatures with a bit of a twist and the psi does nothing to buck that trend.”

Marcus – Headfonics

“The audiophile overtones to professional sound signature types results in an interesting sound that is a great value “

Average Joe – TheHeadphoneList

“Both units offer advantages over the entry-level customs I’ve previously come across and compete with pricier earphones. “

Ljokerl – TheHeadphoneList

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