Returns and Repairs

Returns and refunds

All our products are custom-made specifically for every customer. This means that no refund is possible after the manufacturing process starts. If you request a refund before we start working on your monitors it will be completed within 10 working days.

Warranty repairs

If you wish to return the product for repair please contact us via e-mail to start the process.
Please make sure to include a description of the problem along with the monitors you’re sending to our lab for repair.
If you’re shipping earphones to our lab please mark the package as “No commercial value” as we may refuse to accept packages with custom charges incurred. This package will most probably be sent back by the shipping company.

Please note that reshells are put in a regular queue (3-4 weeks).
The time of repair depends on the individual case.


Please include both earphones, cable, and the original packaging. This way they are gonna be secured for the shipping and we will be able to inspect all the elements to smoothly determine where the problem is.

All repairs are handled by our lab under address:
Lime Ears Emil Stolecki
Ul. Kryniczna 32/5
03-934 Warszawa

Post-Warranty repairs

If your warranty period is over, don’t throw your hand (“cause everybody hurts, sometimes…”). We’re here to help. Please contact us and we will take it from there.

*Please note that many issues can be resolved by following simple steps that you can perform on your own. Please visit our User Guide page for details.

We wish you flawless ownership of Lime Ears. But the world isn’t perfect and things sometimes go sideways. To get an idea about what your repair might cost we have introduced simple terms that we base repair prices on:

Please note that reshells are put in a regular queue (3-4 weeks).
The time of repair depends on the individual case.

0. Diagnostics

Diagnosis fee is 30EUR. If you will decide to proceed with the repair this will be deducted from the final repair fee.

1. Simple repair – 15% of unit worth

There is a slight issue with the unit, e.g.:

– the switch is not working

– one of the sockets is failing in connectivity or has a broken pin inside

– there is a visible crack on the shell (but the shell itself is not dented)

– there is a foreign body inside the canal that can be removed without dismantling the unit

– acoustic filter is clogged but can be cleaned without dismantling the unit


Ants left some sand inside one earpiece of your Model X. It clogged the filter and the earpiece doesn’t reproduce high frequencies well.

(890 / 2) *15% = 66 EUR

Your best friend sat on your Aether R. Both earpieces have slight issues. In one switch is broken and in second one socket needs to be replaced)

1200 * 15% = 180 EUR

2. Complex repair –  30% of unit worth

There is a serious issue with the unit that requires disassembly and reassembling during the servicing, e.g.:

– one of the drivers has been flooded and is not working,

– acoustic filters are clogged and need to be replaced,

– the shell is broken but all the pieces are in place.


Ants left a lot of honey in both Lambda acoustic filters. They need to be disassembled, replaced, and reassembled.

480 * 30% = 144 EUR

Aether R has been left on the rain. They caught moisture that destroyed one of the drivers.

(1200/2) * 30% = 180 EUR

3. Total loss – 50% of unit worth

The unit is impossible to operate and needs to be redone: e.g. the unit fell on the ground resulting in more than one driver dying. The shell is broken and pieces are missing (the unit is crushed),


One earpiece of Model X (890EUR retail) was dropped into the toilet. All drivers were flooded.

(890/2) * 50% = 222,5 EUR

Both PSI has been run over by a rhino and needs to be redone.

625 * 50% = 312,5 EUR

Reshells (Ownership Transfer)

Since manufacturing of full reshell for another user (Ownership Transfer) takes fair amount of work and our experience shows that, in order to maintain quality of the original product, often several internal components need to be replaced with new ones, we have connected price of Ownership Transfer with price of the original monitors and it is 50% of original unit worth.

This is the only way we could offer Reshelling service while maintain original product quality, as we didn’t want to deprive new users of full manufacturers warranty.


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