Terms & Conditions


Lime Ears custom in-ear monitors are made for the people and by the people. And since people have ability to communicate, communication seems to be the best way to make any interpersonal process work.
So if here is any problem with your order or anything you would like to ask or suggest, please drop us an e-mail info@limeears.com . We’ll be happy to talk.

Bulid time

Our average turnaround time is 4-5 weeks from getting full order details, payment and impressions. Please be aware that build time is only rough estimate and can change due to various circumstances. In case of curiosity feel free to ask (asking alone won’t speed up the process but maybe will make you more comfortable!).
Please note that any changes made during the production process (change of color, artwork, faceplate options) can significantly extend the waiting period.
If you are in extreme need to get your monitors done as soon as possible please go with rush order option (+180 EUR) to get your monitors shipped after 6 working days from receiving the order.

Cosmetic quality

We do our best to maintain cosmetic quality of your monitors. Be aware that tiny bubbles inside the shell or tiny imperfections on its inside may appear as we cannot guarantee that shells are going to be 100% free of them. What we can guarantee is that they will have no negative influence on usability or durability of your monitors.
By using extensive force while cleaning the sound tubes with cleaning tool you may cause small lacquer chips appearing on the edges of sound tube outlet. These chips do not affect durability or usability of the CIEMs.


Every ear shape is different and every artwork is unique. These are the facts. If you have specific vision of how your artwork should be placed please write it down in „comments” field while ordering your CIEMs. You can also request simple visualization of your artwork placement, just write it in the same place.
Otherwise we will choose the best size and placement for your artwork based on our broad experience in this matter.


Both shell colors and artwork colors can look different on different computer displays and in real life their look can change dramatically under different lighting. We take no responsibility for the way world has been created. Please have that in mind while ordering your monitors.
If you choose custom color (60 EUR additional fee) please describe in the best way possible (the best way is to send sample object of this color along with ear impressions). We will do our best to replicate it but, again, cannot guarantee the outcome in 100%.
If you are not satisfied with the color we can do reshell. Reshell charge is 200 EUR plus desired custom options.


If you wish to return product for a repair please contact us via e-mail to start the process.
Please make sure to include description of the problem along with monitors you’re sending to our lab for repair.
If you’re shipping earphones to our lab please mark the package as “No commercial value” as we may refuse to accept packages with custom charges incurred. This package will most probably be sent back by shipping company.

All repairs are handled by our lab under adress:
Lime Ears Emil Stolecki
Ul. Alfreda Nobla 23A
03-930 Warszawa


Warranty does not cover the cord. We guarantee that cables provided will not be dead on arrival.
Please note that silver/transparent cord may turn a slightly green over time as a result of copper oxidation. This is only aesthetical effect that does not change cable durability or sound.

Returns and refunds

All our products are custom made for specifically for every customer. This means that no refund is possible after the manufacturing process starts. If you request a refund before we start working on your monitors it will be completed within 10 working days.

Custom charges and taxes for international shipments

The buyer will be solely responsible for any local import/export taxes (we don’t undervalue the packages).


Please see our warranty page.