Model X Universal-Fit IEM


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  • Dark Smoke shells
  • 2017A Aluminum nozzles
  • Genuine Carbon faceplates

 Set includes:

  • Aluminum case
  • SpinFit eartips set (silicone)
  • Comply eartips set (foam)
  • Symbio eartips set (hybrid)
  • Lime Ears cotton pouch


  • Our second in line flagship utilizing not one but two most popular signatures, which can be easily changed with a flip of switch: choose either the “perfect neutral” or the “warm and musical” depending on how you feel today!
  • Introducing PAR (Passive Acoustic Resonator)
  • Four balanced armature drivers
  • Switchable low-end characteristics
  • Utilizing VariBore technology


Our goal was to achieve a powerful sound while maintaining great clarity and precision.


Vented double low-end driver delivers a juicy and powerful bass accompanied by extremely crispy highs produced by HF driver, with lush, distinctive mids placed perfectly in-between. With the switch positioned up, the sound becomes slightly warm and v-shaped. When you flip the switch down, your Model X turns into mid-to-high focused earphones which, thanks to vented construction, maintain the punch and clarity in the lowest end of the band.


Wide, deep, natural.

Build time

7-14 days

The Switch

Switch changes level of low frequencies (approx. 8dB<800Hz). You can also use it to make changes depending on:
  • the listening level – to make use of the Fletcher-Munson law (for lower listening levels, bass can be boosted to make it better audible)
  • the level and quality of bass in the recording (if the bass is well recorded, it can increase its strength. On the other hand, if the material is not properly mixed and lows are becoming boomy and get out of control, they can be trimmed down)
  • the external noise levels (if you are using your monitors in a noisy environment: airplane, subway, etc., where the low-end noise masks the lows, you might want to switch them up).


“I have to add Model X to Audiophile-Heaven’s Hall Of Fame, because it is a very interesting IEM …”


George Dobrescu,
“Two premium IEMs here in one pleasing package: a reference tuned detail monster with a soundstage to die for…”


“For me it has become my reference below 1500$ and one model I certainly don’t want to part with – ever!”


“(…)some of the best balance between richness and resolution in the sub-$2000 market(…)”


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