PNEUMA V2 – Universal-Fit IEM


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  • HornCraft™ Stainless Steel Nozzle Design 
  • SubWITCH™ Switchable Subwoofer Technology 
  • BAM™ Energy Optimizer 
  • Five drivers, hybrid construction, four-way crossover: 

one 7mm Titanium-Diaphragm Dynamic Driver for infra-sub frequencies 

two BA for low frequencies 

one BA for midrange 

one BA for high frequencies

  • VariBore™ Acoustic Design
  • Scarlet Silverstream Shell Design
  • Custom Pure Copper Cable




SubWITCH™ Switchable subwoofer Technology 

Sub-lows Witchery – Imagine wielding the power to shape sound frequencies with the finesse of a skilled witch conjuring spells. With a single flick of a finger, the level of the lowest frequencies can be altered by approximately 4dB below 500Hz. But it’s not just about control – it’s about tailoring your sound to various scenarios. Whether you’re listening at different volume levels, leveraging the principles of the Fletcher-Munson Law to enhance bass audibility at lower levels, optimizing the richness of well-recorded bass in your audio source, or mitigating overwhelming and boomy lows caused by poorly mixed material, SubWITCH™ provides the solution. Moreover, in noisy environments such as airplanes or subways where low-end noise may obscure vital low-frequency elements, this switch lets you elevate the bass response. As you explore the realms of sound, let SubWITCH™ be your guide – an enigmatic companion that empowers you to orchestrate the perfect bass notes for every moment. 


BAM™ Energy Optimizer 

Backfiring Acoustically-damped Membrane – Through innovative thinking and extensive experimentation, we’ve uncovered a method to achieve superior bass control by harnessing the energy emanating from the rear of the transducer’s membrane. Building on this, we’ve further refined our approach by incorporating open-cell memory foam. This unique addition acts as an effective damper for the driver, effectively reducing acoustic resonances within the enclosure. The result is a remarkable enhancement in stereo separation, pushing the boundaries of the soundstage to new depths and widths. 

Inspirational Origins: This time, we took inspiration from the bass reflex enclosures commonly found in studio monitors, to boost and enhance the bass quality by making use of energy reflection. Upon closer examination, we realized that such a mechanism was possible to be scaled down and be fitted inside our IEM, giving us greater control over the bass. After multiple iterations to mimic the speaker enclosure, we came up with a design that not only incorporated the essence of a bass reflex speaker, but also allows us to unlock and control the full potential of bass together with our SubWITCH™ technology. 


VariBore™ Acoustic Design 

Variable Bores – Through our exploration, we’ve discovered a pivotal role played by the bore diameter in managing various frequencies. By meticulously shaping bores with varying diameters, we are able to optimize the transmission of different frequencies with increased precision. This effect is particularly pronounced in higher frequencies, where the expanded diameter significantly mitigates air friction and minimizes resonant influences. The outcome is a distinct enhancement in the upper-frequency range, resulting in improved high-end extension and a notably smoother, more authentic rendition of highs. 


Scarlet Silverstream Shell 2023 

Scarlet Silverstream – As with the concept of Pneuma, our new acrylic shell is aesthetically designed to capture the feeling of warm air currents. It features a flawless blend of fiery red and soothing silver tones, where the silver sparkles mirror the liveliness of moving air while the rich red hues express the comforting embrace of warmth. Scarlet Silverstream offers a harmonious fusion of visual and tactile sensations as if inviting you to embark on a journey through the tranquil currents of the element, air.

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